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Sacrament (Anointing) of the Sick

The Touch of Christ

It is the Pastor's and Deacons' desire to provide the Sacraments or pastoral visits to our parishioners. Because the Federal Privacy Act (HIPAA) will not allow us to respond if requests are made by friends or some other non-family member, it is important that the patient or a family member let the Pastor or one of the Deacons know when they are needed.  When you or a family member are hospitalized or are homebound and are in need of the Sacrament of the Sick, please phone the parish office at 303-420-1232 to arrange for a visit.

It is also recommended that the person or family to inform the hospital or nursing home upon admission that the patient desires visits from the Church.

If you anticipate a hospital stay or have a serious health problem, please ask Father for the Sacrament following Mass or contact the office as soon as possible to set up an appointment.  Although it is sometimes impossible to anticipate the need, waiting until the last minute could result in no priest being available or no time for the priest to arrive.  Remember, only a priest may provide this Sacrament as it includes remission of sin  as well as healing.

The Sacrament of the Sick is a Sacrament of healing and should occur early in an illness when possible so that the patient will be able to participate in it.


The Sacrament proper to the dying is Viaticum, reception of the Holy Eucharist as “food for the journey.” A priest is the ordinary minister of Viaticum; however, this responsibility may be delegated to a deacon or to an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. This is particularly true when the danger of death is imminent; the person’s right to receive the sacrament will then supersede the requirement that the priest administer the Sacrament.

For Anointing or Viaticum, contact the Parish Office
(After hours, Extension 404)

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