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Funeral Planning

Upon the death of a loved one, families are asked to contact the parish as soon as possible and certainly before any final arrangements are made with a mortuary for liturgical services. The clergy and staff of St. Joan of Arc want to provide you with the liturgy you and your loved one deserves.  Contacting the parish first helps to assure there are no scheduling conflicts and that the desired clergy are available. As a rule, the Funeral Mass for a Catholic is to be celebrated in his or her own parish church.

Once the times for the services are arranged with the mortuary and parish, the family, or representative(s) of the deceased may meet with a priest or funeral coordinator to plan the services. At this meeting, decisions will be made concerning the readings to be used during the Mass, opportunities for family members to participate in the service, and other important details.

Please click on the link below to review the Funeral Planning guide to aide your family in selecting the best scripture and music to personalize the service for your loved one.  Plan to bring a copy of the last page of the planning guide to your scheduled appointment with our funeral coordinator.  

 Funeral Planning Guide

 Funeral Guidelines

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