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Youth Council

Providing Our Youth a Solid Foundation

The Youth Advisory Committee is guided by the principles of Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, who states: “Youth ministry is not ‘optional,’ something to do, or not, as we choose. It is an indispensable investment in the future – the future of young people themselves and also the future of the world and the Church.” 

Our youth ministry program includes catechesis, prayer, worship, service, and human formation.  Our commitment is to help the youth of all ages fall in, and remain in love with our Savior Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.

Special Director: Deacon Joe Gerber
 303-420-1232, ext. 405
 Deacon Joe

Youth Coordinator: Elisabeth Krick
 303-420-1232, ext. 203

Youth Advisory Board Chair: Lee Gillan

Youth Advisory Board Members:
Gini Brower Shelly Stahara
Ditta Gillan Ryan Walker
Christi Grebenc  

Ministry Heads:
Pat Francalancia Sean Heller
Julie Gerber Sean Murphy
Mary Heaton Jason Pasionek

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