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Small Linens

Members of this ministry wash and iron the small linens used at Mass each week. Soiled linens are picked up on a Sunday and returned clean and pressed on the next Sunday. Volunteers my work at home at their own pace, as long as the clean linens are returned to the church on a timely basis.

Coordinator: Sharon Cole

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Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (EME's)

Ministers distribute communion at the altar and take the Holy Eucharist to the sick and/or shut-ins. Eucharistic Ministers must be at least eighteen years of age, fully initiated into the church, have a definite and continuing relationship to the Parish that reflects a serious and well-formed faith and moral commitment, and if married, the marriage must be in accordance with the Catholic Church. Ministers are selected by the Pastor based on the above requirements and mandated by the Archbishop. Training is provided.

Coordinator: Sandra Hammer

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Altar Servers

Boys and girls, fourth grade or older, who have made their First Holy Communion, are welcome for altar service for all regular Masses and Holy Days. They assist the priest in performing the Mass, and they learn about the Liturgy. Training is provided.

Coordinator:  Lisa Fixler
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Altar Care

This ministry would ask individuals to launder albs and altar server garments at home; change, launder, press or dry clean altar linens and vestments; prepare the altar for Mass. The Altar Care volunteer should be dedicated and reliable and do the work at home on his/her own time schedule.

Coordinator: Ben Herrera

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The responsibilities of the ushers are mainly to welcome everyone and assist parishioners and guests at Mass.  Ushers help those with special needs and parishioners who need to find seating. Ushers pass the offertory collection basket, help with the flow of people at Holy Communion, and see that an extraordinary communion minister brings the Eucharist to those unable to walk to the altar. Ushers will also be asked to help tidy up after each Mass.

Coordinator: Ed Bradley

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Readers serve the needs of the Eucharistic assembly by proclaiming the Word of God and reading announcements. This ministry demands far more than the ability to read well in public. Readers not only proclaim the Word that strengthens the faith of God’s people, but also invite them to celebrate the Eucharist.

Coordinator: Kelly Posiviata
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Candle Care

These volunteers replace candles in the vigil stands and church, as well as clean stands and glass votives and ensure that the sanctuary light is always burning.

Coordinator: Owen Lamb

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Altar Flowers

Parishioners are able to donate toward the cost of fresh flowers to be placed in the Sanctuary on weekends during the regular liturgical year and to dedicate those flowers in memory of special person or in honor of an event. If you have the unique talent of arranging flowers, help is always welcomed in this ministry as well. The flowers are arranged on a rotated schedule each week. 

Coordinator: Andi Weber
 303-420-1232, x104

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