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Father Joseph Cao


Father Joseph Cao became pastor in July, 2003.  Father Joseph declared St. Joan's a Stewardship Parish in January, 2005.  What this means is that as a parish, St. Joan's tithes a portion of its offertory each month to various charities within the parish, the community and the extended community.

Among other accomplishments, with Father Joseph's guidance the parish has identified and started to implement a five-year Strategic Plan mapping the course of the parish to the year 2012.  Many changes have already been accomplished, most visibly improvements to the interior of the Church. The Easter sunrise mural behind the altar was unveiled during the Easter Vigil, 2007 and is a beautiful addition to our sanctuary.

Most recently, St. Joan's purchased the 7+ acres of land to the east of the Church.  In a little more than 3 months, with Father Joseph's support and the generosity of our parishioners, more than $500,000 was raised to buy the property from the Archdiocese.

With the Strategic Plan in place and the new land to develop for the benefit of our parishioners, the possibilities for St. Joan's in this new millenium are exciting and challenging.

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